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Neverland Card Battles Demo Available on PSN


Neverland Card Battles

Neverland Card Battles for the Sony PSP, developed by Idea Factory and published by Yuke's, was released a few weeks ago. RPGamer has an official review coming, but for those who simply cannot wait, a new demo for the game is now available on the PlayStation Store. The demo includes the opening cutscenes, a tutorial, and one full level.

Neverland Card Battles is a card-battler strategy-RPG in which players collect over 200 different types of cards and unlock new playable characters (for use in multiplayer only) to use in battles against foes called Dominators (card battlers). The demo will pit players against the Dominator Egma. The game's storyline encompasses a journey throughout Neverland to save the world from an evil deity named Hellgaia. Neverland Card Battles also has an ad-hoc multiplayer mode. For those who like the demo, Neverland Card Battles retails for $29.99.

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Neverland Card Battles
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