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Sacred 2's Try Before You Buy


Sacred 2

Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron Entertainment have announced a new "Try Before You Buy" system for their upcoming PC RPG, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, to be released November 11. With this feature, players can share their downloaded or purchased copy of the full game with their friends and family in a full-featured demo that lasts one calendar day. The purpose of this feature is to allow consumers the pleasure of playing a fully unlocked demo that is playable in both single player and LAN multiplayer modes. After the demo expires, the consumer has the option of purchasing Sacred 2 online or uninstalling it.

Sacred 2's "Try Before You Buy" system is meant to raise the bar on how consumers sample games, says Mario Kroll, Director of Marketing and PR for cdv Software Entertainment USA. "Rather than showcasing only a limited character or content selection, as most traditional demos do," says Kroll, "gamers can share and enjoy the full game experience, trying out the features that most appeal to them, and getting a true sense of the full game."

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Sacred 2
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