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There Will Be Only One Version of Persona 4


Persona 4

Atlus released Persona 3 for the PlayStation 2 in North America on August 14, 2007. Atlus later released an expanded version of the game, Persona 3 FES, on April 22, 2008. Though the second title had a reasonable price tag, and gamers were happy to get the extra content included, some purchasers of the original game were understandably upset by having to purchase a whole new game to get the full Persona 3 experience.

With Persona 4 set to release on December 9, 2008, Atlus wants to put gamers' minds at ease who may be wondering if they should stay their purchase to wait for a second version of the game. Atlus put out a press release stating definitively that there will be no second version of Persona 4. The version of the game which will release next month will be the one and only version to release in North America, ever. This should help those on the fence about purchasing Persona 4 who do not want to feel they have wasted their money in a few months.

Some information has been released about the main characters' personas in Persona 4 as well, along with detailed art. Click on the names of the following personas to see what they look like.

Izanagi (Protagonist's Main Persona)

One of the ancient gods who existed before Japan was formed. He created the Ouyashima from chaos, then gave birth to countless children and laid the foundation of soil and nature. After his wife Izanami died during Hi-no-Kagutsuchi's birth, he ventured to the underworld Yomi to retrieve her, but was unable to do so.

Tomoe (Chie Satonaka's Persona)

As a high-ranking female samurai, Tomoe Gozen was an unusual figure in feudal Japan. When her lover Yoshinaka Minamoto made a bid to become the Minamoto clan leader, she fought to defend him against the other branches of the Minamoto family. However, accounts vary regarding her actions during the final battle in which Yoshinaka died.

Jiraiya (Yosuke Hanamura’s Persona)

This ninja appeared in several popular Edo-era stories and plays. His toad magic enabled him to control and ride toads, as well as turn into a giant toad himself in some stories. Alongside his wife Tsunade, a devotee of slug magic, he battled the snake magic-wielding Orochimaru, who was once Jiraiya’s disciple.

Konohana Sakuya (Yukiko Amagi's Persona)

She was the daughter of the mountain god Ouyamatsumi. When she became Ninigi’s wife and grew pregnant on the first night of their marriage, he accused her of infidelity. She stood in a burning hut, claiming that the fire would not touch her if she had been faithful, and emerged unscathed. Her emblem is the cherry blossom.

Kintoki-Douji (Teddie's Persona)

When the legendary figure Kintaro reached adulthood, he took the name of Sakata no Kintoki. His childhood friends were the animals on the mountain where he grew up, and he regularly proved his incredible strength when playing with them. He was rarely seen without his tomahawk, with which he helped local woodcutters fell trees.

View Persona 4's final trailer here. There is still time to pre-order the game, from select retailers, to receive a 100-page art book with designs by Shigenori Soejima.

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Persona 4
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