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Fable 2 Soundtrack Coming This Fall


Fable 2

It is good news for all Fable 2 players out there. Players familiar with the epic score in the game will now have a chance to purchase the soundtrack on November 25, 2008. The soundtrack will come in at around ninety minutes, featuring eleven tracks by composer Robert Shaw and the Music Box Theme by composer Danny Elfman.

"We had a lot of music to record, covering many different styles including chamber, celtic, classic, quirky, pure pizzicato, atmospheric and dramatic,” said Russell Shaw, Head of Music and Composer at Lionhead Studios. “Music for the game was broken down into four distinct categories: regions, script, combat and incidentals. Each region has its own orchestral theme which changes with the seasons in each chapter. Scripted moments have orchestral cues relevant to what is happening at that point in the story – sad, dramatic, mysterious, tension and danger. The final result is a very rich, Hollywood style score covering many genres."

Fable 2 lets players return to the magical kingdom of Albion. Set five hundred years after the events of Fable. Players take the role of the hero as you engage in real-time combat and explore a huge free roaming world.

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Fable 2
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