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Fable 2 Has Critical Bugs, Fixes In-Progress


Fable 2

Since Fable 2 was released one week ago, many users have been reporting issues with the game. These issues are varied and some are game-breaking.

One issue which does not involve the game's code, but it still is upsetting gamers, is that some limited edition purchasers did not receieve the DLC code they were supposed to in their game case. Those who did not receive this code should view the thread on the official Lionhead forums here and follow the instructions. Regular version owners should note Lionhead Community Manager Sam's post where he says that they are keeping an eye out for people trying to get codes who do not own the limited edition.

The missing DLC code seems to be the least of Fable 2's problems. Many users are reporting seemingly random freezing issues, with many theories flying around as to the cause but no definite answer as of yet (forum thread here). These issues could be game-related or not.

There is also an absolutely critical bug which anybody planning to play co-op with a new player needs to know about. Basically, anyone who joins a co-op game with a player who is still in the childhood phase runs the risk of losing all experience, gold, and abilities. This bug has been officially acknowledged by a member of the Fable 2 team in this forum thread, where he says a fix is being worked on.

Another critical issue which all Fable 2 players need to know about involves the "Monks Quest." When talking to the Abbot in the Temple of Light in Oakfield, walking away before he is finished talking could result in him becoming unresponsive, making it impossible to progress further in the game. It is recommended to allow the Abbot to complete his dialogue and let his cut-scene finish.

Kotaku has spoken with the above-mentioned Lionhead Community Manager Sam, where he disclosed that some of the bugs in Fable 2 have already been fixed, including the issue with the Abbot, though the release date for a patch has not yet been determined. For now, players have theorized here that uninstalling the co-op patch could fix many of the issues in Fable 2, though this has not been a definitive fix for everyone and is not recommended by Lionhead. Those having trouble with Fable 2 can stay informed by visiting the Fable 2 development blog, where in some positive news, Pub Games codes are also being released as the blog is updated. will keep Fable 2 players updated as to the progress of the upcoming patch.

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