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Lusipurr to Disappoint After All



The project that started as a mediocre joke on Episode 45 of's RPGCast has failed to die and is now, unfortunately, officially in production.

The game's intentionally misspelled title, Lusipurr's Fountain of Perpetual Disappointmnt, will likely be the least cringe-inducing aspect of the game according to outraged gamers everywhere.

Lead Designer and Director, Ethan "Ethos" Pipher is apparently unphased by the desperate pleas from the public to not go through with the pitiful excuse for a game. Ethos says that there is a clear need for the public to be disappointed, and making sure the game comes to fruition is a surefire way to accomplish that goal.

Despite the recent resignation of Shawn "Lusipurr" Cooper, LFoPD continues to be titled after and centered around the former tyrant. Although, in appropriately disappointing fashion, Oliver Motok will reportedly play the role of the hero.

Hopefully the next news we can bring to you loyal RPGamers is word of this pitiful title's cancellation.

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