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Visit Fable 2 Website, Receive In-Game Prizes


Fable 2

Those who plan to purchase Lionhead's Xbox 360 RPG Fable 2, which is being released in North America next week, may want to visit the Fable 2 website to play two mini-games which are now available. When these mini-games are completed, players are able to log-in and attach Fable 2 in-game prizes to their Xbox Live account. The two mini-games are called "Chicken Kickin" and "A Hero's Tale."

Chicken Kickin is fairly straightforward. The player must pick a direction and power level with which to kick a chicken into some obstacles. If the player hits enough obstacles and gets enough points, he or she can earn an in-game title and some gold.

A Hero's Tale is more involved, but the rewards are greater. This mini-game involves playing through an approximately 10-20 minute long story about a hero while making various choices along the way. Each of these choices will alter the storyline about the hero, and with it, the scenes which are shown. Only the final choice will determine what prize(s) are awarded. To avoid spoilers, bland descriptions of these prizes are: an in-game dye, book, tattoo, doll, and outfit. Fable 2 will be released on October 21, 2008 in North America.

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Fable 2
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