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Eternal Poison Details


Eternal Poison

Those looking for more information on Atlus's upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG Eternal Poison are in luck. As the game gets closer to its North American release date next month, more and more details are being revealed about the game's storyline and gameplay systems. Eternal Poison is a turn-based tactical RPG developed by Flight-Plan, known for developing the Summon Night series, and it was released as Poison Pink in Japan on February 14, 2008.

Eternal Poison takes place in the 1000+ year old Kingdom of Valdia, the most powerful nation in the world of Alea. Two conflicting religions exist in this nation, the Church of Valdia, which believes in one true goddess and has been integral to the Kingdom of Valdia since its beginnings, and the Church of Stag, which began a few centuries ago and proclaims the importance of multiple gods and goddesses. Near Valdia, a demonic realm called Besek appears, which is home to the evil creatures called Majin. The Majin kidnap Valdia's princess, Lenarshe, and bring her into Besek. Lenarshe's father, King Valdus, offers to grant a wish to anyone who can rescue her. Also inside Besek is the Eternal Poison, a mysterious artifact believed to grant wishes or provide great power, but could do something else entirely.

One of the leading characters, with perhaps the most pressing desire to rescue Lenarshe, is Olifen, Commander of the Valdian Knights, who was to wed Lenarshe before she was captured. Another leading character, Thage, is a girl with an unknown past who has apparently entered Besek to find the Eternal Poison. Thage brings her servant Raki along, a Majin also known as Ranunculus the Silver Wolf. The third leading character is Ashley, a Protector of the Faith from the Church of Valdia, who has entered Besek to find her missing mentor. Other characters include Duphaston, a count with unknown motives who offers assistance in Besek; Rondemion, a mercenary who shares a name with a legendary hero believed dead; Archaya, who can help you extract Majin blood for the creation of useful substances; and Iryth, a pub owner known for crafting challenging mini-games. There are also various mercenary-type characters who will offer their assistance to the player.

As in many turn-based tactical RPGs, battles take place on a grid. The player can move their characters around the grid to attack, cast magic, and use other skills. Skills can be extracted from Majin, or Majin can be captured (even bosses) for the player to summon as an ally later. The characters' battle commands can be saved and performed during their leader's turn, giving the opportunity for combination attacks. Eternal Poison provides many different types of weapons and magic, each with their own affinity.

Every copy of Eternal Poison will come with a soundtrack CD, and those who pre-order have the opportunity to obtain the Librum Vespera, a 100 page full-color art book. Eternal Poison will be released in North America on November 11, 2008 for $39.99.

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Eternal Poison
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