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Ragnarok Online

Some information is available about Ragnarok Online DS, which will be the first game set in the Ragnarok universe to not be released on the PC. The game will play a bit differently than its PC MMORPG counterpart, Ragnarok Online. The PC version of Ragnarok Online takes place in a vibrant anime-style world with hundreds of people playing together at one time. Gameplay is similar to the Diablo games where players navigate the world, engage in combat, and use special abilities with the mouse. Players can choose from many different jobs to start with, such as Archer, Mage, Swordsman, and Thief, and advanced levels of these jobs become available as the player levels up. For example, the Thief can become an Assassin or a Rogue.

Ragnarok Online DS will not be a MMORPG, but it will inherit the gameplay and style of its MMORPG inspiration. Ragnarok Online DS will have a traditional single-player RPG storyline, with the player journeying out into the world to go on adventures, take on monsters, and recruit party members. Movement and combat will be controlled via the stylus, with the player tapping the DS touch screen to move, attack, and pick-up items. Casting spells and using other abilities may require the player to use a specific stylus gesture, such as drawing a circle. The job system will not only be present in Ragnarok Online DS, but two new jobs will also be available, called the Dark Knight and the Shaman. A multiplayer mode will be included, with up to three players able to join together over Wi-Fi to take on a 50-floor randomly-generated dungeon.

Ragnarok Online DS is being developed by Gungho and has a Japanese release date of December 18, 2008. Those who pre-order the game in Japan will receive a special booklet, along with a thirty day free trial and two rare items for the PC version of Ragnarok Online. There is no word yet on if the game will be coming to the North American market, or if these pre-order bonuses will come with it if it does.

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Ragnarok Online DS
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