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Destiny Links DS Exposed


Bandai Namco

Some information about Destiny Links, an in-development DS action-RPG, has been made available in the latest issue of Famitsu. The Bandai Namco published title will add yet another co-op RPG to the market, possible through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for up to four players. It is being developed by Bec.

Not much is known about the gameplay and story yet, but one of the game's locations will be a large island called Aimesia, where the player will have to face off against pirates and other foes. The action appears to take place on the upper screen and to be at least partially button based, rather than purely stylus based, but this remains to be seen. A map and other information will be shown on the bottom screen at least some of the time.

Destiny Links has been set for a winter release in Japan, though no North American release data is known yet. Destiny Links was not announced as part of Bandai Namco's upcoming Tokyo Game Show lineup, so look for more information in the coming months after the show.

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