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Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator Character Details Released



Sony has unveiled some new information regarding their latest RPG project, Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator. On the game's official website, details regarding the heroes of the game have been updated.

Raquell Applegate is a 19-year-old blunt-spoken sword fighter. Though at first she may seem a bit standoffish, Raquell is actually quite responsible and the most mature character in the Wild ARMs 4 crew. Despite how she tends to portray herself, she dreams of traveling the world and painting the last few remaining beautiful areas. Raquell's sword skills are more than adequate for making it through the war-ravaged world of Filgaia.

Jude Maverik, a straight-forward, energetic boy, is the game’s 13-year-old protagonist. Jude often seems more childish than one of his age, but he also happens to be the person who can utilize the mysterious weapon known as ARM. With his friends and ARM at his side, Jude plans to do something about the war engulfing Filgaia.

Yulie Ahtreide is a 15-year-old bashful young girl whose meeting with Jude begins the story of Wild Arms 4. Though Yulie lost both of her parents to the war and has lived in an orphanage ever since, she has become a very open-minded and kind person. Like Jude, Yulie can also use the mysterious ARM.

Arnaude G. Vasquez is a good-looking, smooth-talking, and intelligent 18-year-old. Unfortunately, he's also wimpy and has a bit of a cowardly streak. He likes to tell people that he's an adventurer braving hardship to make his way in the world, but he's really just looking for ways to get out of working for a living--that is, until he gets himself caught up in Jude's adventure.

Wild ARMs: The 4th Detonator is on schedule for a March 24, 2005, Japanese release. No details regarding a North American localization have been disclosed.

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