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Radiata Stories Illustrates Link System


Radiata Stories tri-Ace has released more information regarding the battle system of their upcoming RPG Radiata Stories. Here are a few more link attacks in which Jack can perform to deal extra damage.

    Blast Link - At Jack’s command, the other party members will gang pile on a single enemy, creating a small, but powerful explosion. Since the rest of your party happens to be in the middle of this explosion, they will also take damage from the blast.

    Wide Link - With Jack in the lead, the rest of the party falls into a line. The party works together to generate energy waves which are directed towards the opposition. The party is able to fire off more than one energy wave, but for every two that is released the Volty Gauge drops.

    Square Link - The party falls into a square formation and proceeds to spin rapidly. This produces a swift tornado that blows surrounding enemies away, allowing the party a chance to regroup. This ability costs Jack 10 Volty Points (VP).

    Circle Link - Once in this formation, the party begins to slowly heal itself, so long as they stay in formation. Attacking or moving will break the formation, leaving the party open to enemy attacks.

    Link Break - If the Volty gauge should ever reach zero while in the middle of a link, the link will break, knocking the party to the ground. Since the Volty Gauge is empty, the party will only be able to perform regular attacks until they recover. If the party should take damage while in link formation or use certain link attacks, this will cause the Volty gauge to drop.

    Skill Links - Every character has they’re own special ability. When used during battle, the skills will level up. Skill levels are shown via star-marks next to the skill which fill up as the skill gets better.

Radiata Stories also implements an order system, allowing the player the ability to issue commands to a single character or to the party as a whole. These actions usually don’t take away Volty points, but the player can choose to use points to increase their effectiveness.

Single Character Orders

    Attack him! - Orders a party member to assist on a particular enemy.
    Stay back - Have a party member stay out of action and go into evasive stance.
    Help out - Heal another party member you specify.
    Decoy - Have one party member be a decoy, and draw an enemy away from Jack.
    Play dead - One party member keels over and plays possum to avoid attacks.

Full Party orders
    Fighting Spirit - Boost the party's attack power for a short time.
    Endurance - Boost the party's defense power for a short time.
    Song of Life - Heal the whole party for a good chunk of HP.
    Earth Wave - Have the whole party drop to the ground, creating a shock wave that confuses the enemy.
    Time Stop - Freeze the whole playing field, this effect doesn’t work on higher level mobs.
Radiata Stories is slated for a Japanese release on January 27, 2005. There has been no announcement of a North American release.

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