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Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames Release Date, World Information Updated


Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames

Nintendo has released new information regarding its latest incarnation of the Fire Emblem series for GameCube. Included in this information is a tentative Japanese release date as well as a glimpse into the world, battle system, and characters of the game.

As mentioned earlier this year, Trail of Blue Flames will be a completely 3D game starring a young boy named Ike, who is a former mercenary. What has since been revealed is that Ike's adventures will take him through a land populated by two different peoples; the Peok and the Raguz. Furthermore, at Ike's side will be two companions named Maudi and Lete, both of whom are from a tribe called the Juga. Both Maudi and Lete have the ability to shape-shift, or change their physical form, at will.

So far, it looks as though the battle system is shaping up to be the classic Fire Emblem-style battles, only with a few new turns and twists. What exactly these changes include has yet to be announced.

Finally, Nintendo of Japan has set Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames to be released on April 20, 2005 for GameCube. No plans for a North American localization have been announced.

Edit: Several sources indicate that the title is on Nintendo's official roster of games to make the trip overseas. The tentative release date is sometime in the second quarter of 2005.

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Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames
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