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New Content Announced for City of Heroes


City of Heroes

Cryptic's Jack Emmert announced today some of the features to be seen in the "issue 3" update of City of Heroes. The next update will add many new features including "epic archetype" characters and all new character classes that will be unlockable once one of your characters reaches level 50. These new classes will be able to be used in any subsequent character creation. These characters will be endowed with original powers, and will allow veteran players to enjoy the game with the lower level enhancements that have been added to the game along the way.

The next update will also include "ancillary powers," which will help round out current character classes by giving melee characters ranged powers and giving characters with ranged powers better defense. It will also include an all-new island zone that players with characters who are levels 20 to 30 will visit in order to invade an enemy organization. The expansion to City of Heroes, City of Villains, has also been mentioned but according to Emmert, it is still in development and no release date has been set.

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