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Radiata Stories Composer Named


Radiata Stories

After going two years without scoring music for any video games, famed composer Noriyuki Iwadare has resurfaced for Square Enix's Radiata Stories. It was recently announced that Iwadare will write the entire score for Radiata Stories, with the main theme of the game being arranged by Motoi Sakuraba. Iwadare is best known for his work on the Lunar and Grandia series as well as many others. Sakuraba scored the Tales and Star Ocean series and most recently, Baten Kaitos. will begin taking pre-orders for those interested in purchasing the official soundtrack, but not until more information has been released. It is still unknown when the soundtrack will be shipped for sale and how much it will cost. Information such as the number of tracks and the number of CDs the album will span is also unknown.

Radiata Stories is being published by Square Enix and developed by tri-Ace. The game is slated for a January 27, 2005 Japanese release, but there is still no word on the possibility of a North American localization.

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Radiata Stories
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