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Tales of Rebirth Mini-game Details


Tales of Rebirth

Namco has divulged new information regarding some of the mini-games in its upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Tales of Rebirth. As with any other Tales game, Tales of Rebirth will feature several mini-games for players to have a little fun with before saving the world. Three mini-games for Veigue and friends to try their hands at have been revealed.

Gulara's River Run is a raft ride on a river, much akin to Brave Fencer Musashi's rafting mini-game. During the river run, players will have to build up speed while avoiding rocks, logs, and other objects impeding their path. Fruit floating in the water can be collected to destroy obstacles and enemies in the water. If all else fails, players will be able to make the raft jump over any dangers that may get in the way. For making it to the end of the river, players will receive some nice items as a reward.

The next mini-game is Hilda's Fortune-telling, which is exactly as the title implies. For players who want to know what the future has in store for them, Hilda, a tarot card reader, has the answer. After visiting Hilda and answering a few simple questions, the soothsayer tells the player about the future health, wealth, and love life of our heroes. Those who know Hilda best will boast about the accuracy of her visions.

Lastly, Waiter's Game was also introduced. Talking to a bartender in a restaurant will net the player a job working there as a waiter. The object is to take customers' orders and bring them their food without spilling it. Doing this job well will get the player monetary tips from the customers as well as some items.

Tales of Rebirth is scheduled for a December 16, 2004 release in Japan. Unfortunately, Namco has yet to confirm a North American localization of the title at this time.

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Tales of Rebirth
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