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DVD Special Previews New Square Enix Game


Square Enix Japanese gamers who bought the recently released Dragon Quest VIII found an unexpected treat when they viewed the bonus DVD that comes with the game. The DVD contains a sneak preview of a new Square Enix game called Code Age. According to Square Enix, Code Age is a new concept brand, possibly meaning there could be more projects in the works, aside from just a video game.

While the Dragon Quest VIII bonus trailer isnít available for download, we have the translated narration from the clip:

    Deep, deep into the sea where light cannot reach,
    The environment is severe beyond imagination.
    One fish evolved its eyes to seek for light.
    Another fish evolved its mouth to seek food and to survive.
    Mankind escaped from evolution by crawling out of the water and reshaping its environment.
    Everyone was dreaming of a bright future,
    But that was abandoned by a new world order.
    This is a story about people that were once human.
    This is a story about people that continued to be human.
    Code Age.
    Our heart was screaming, Our instincts were screaming,
    Leave the strongest gene.
    Show off your style

No details are actually known about the game, other than that Code Age will use cel-shaded graphics. It has been announced that Yusuke Naora, who worked on Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, and The Bouncer, will be the gameís director.

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