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Master of Epic

Much information about the different ages and areas of Hudson's upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG, Master of Epic: The Resonance Age Universe, has popped up recently. But not to stop there, there are also new info bits on the systems, story, and races the player will encounter.

As reported in this MMORPGamer column, there are many different ages in the game. All players first start out in the Present Age. From there, they begin meeting people and eventually gain the ability to travel through time to the other ages. In the "War Age," which occurs ten years after the Present Age, players must split up into groups and deal with different player versus player battles. In the Ancient Age, which is 13,000 years before the Present, one msut build a houses and live out a virtual home life. In the Future Age, which is 3,000 years after the Present, the player will experience a one-man dungeon crawl through the Ogre King's mazes, during which time he/she must learn to wield various magical abilities. The Chaos Age, 45 million years in the past, will have the players joining huge groups to take on powerful warlords and bosses together. Only the Present and War Ages are currently up and running, as the game is still in the test phase.

In Master of Epic, all the fights will be in real time, and the player will get points to distribute among various skills to increase the power of their character. The world the player lives in will be one with a classic fantasy setting. The main story behind the game consists of the mysterious Noah Stone, which is the source of all magic. It is said whoever possesses the Stone would gain the power of the gods, or of the demons.

The game occurs mainly one the island of Diaros, which is constantly surrounded by storms and whirlpools. Many have ventured the perilous journey to Diaros, but none ever return from the island. Even though many people have been lost, people still feel drawn to go to the island. Such people say they keep seeing visions of a beautiful woman urging them to come to Diaros and search for the Noah Stone and stop Evil from obtaining it.

On the island itself, people have formed three groupings. The first are the Bisque, who have the most people to their name. They are ruled by Queen Ilmina and are the current holders of the Noah Stone. They came to Diaros from the Drakia Empire seeking religious freedom and to acquire the Noah Stone. It appears that only their procurement of the Noah Stone has gone according to plan, though. The second group is know as the Elgadin Kingdom, which was once ruled by a set of five Dragoons. They were ousted by the Bisques and had the Noah Stone stolen from them. They are currently holed up in the Neok Mountains, plotting revenge on the Bisques and asking for help from their Dragon god. The final group is known as the Mabs Order, a strange group based out of the Mutoom Caves. They worship the things of the dark and have a fundamental dislike for the Bisques. They also have a reputation for finding and bringing up war orphans.

When players begin their journey into Master of Epic, they will be able to choose from four different races. The Newtar, which at first glance seem to be human, always look young no matter how old they get. The Cognite, who are renowned for their singing and dancing skills, don't like being around other races and enjoy taking on the practices of alchemy and ancient research. The Elmony, a cheeful race, enjoy the peaceful places of the world and can often be found hanging around forests and near rivers. The Pandemos are an imposing race that, when provoked, become powerful berserkers. Even though they can become violent, they are peaceful by nature and usually won't be the ones who start the conflict. For some reason buried in their history, they have a deep fear of the Elmony.

RPGamer will continue to update you on more Master of Epic news as it becomes available. You can also visit the official site if you can read Japanese.

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Master of Epic
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