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Tales of Sacred Beasts and Towns in Tales of Rebirth


Tales of Rebirth

New information has come out regarding Namco's upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Tales of Rebirth. Most of the information focuses on the six Sacred Beasts.

The Beasts are masters of the six elements, the base parts of all matter in Kalegia. Accordingly, they are integral parts of anything and everything that happens in the world. They don't appear much in human history; when they do, there is usually something world-threatening on the horizon.

  • Eephon, the Master of the Dark, is a centaur-like being. He takes pride in his physical power; given a problem, he's the sort who would rather solve it with his bare fists. He hunts in the impenetrable depths of Darkness, protecting the world from those who would do it harm.

  • Fenia, the Lady of Fire, is not a destroyer. Rather, her flames are the spark of life, bringing warmth and mercy to every creature.

  • Wontiga, Master of Wind, is the most level-headed and logical of all the Sacred Beasts. He never lets emotion touch him, even when making the harshest of decisions.

  • Gilione, Master of Light, takes an aloof attitude, but can never really stay untouched by events. He is quick to show anger at the vagaries of the world, but seems unable to stand being unloved.

  • Randgriz, the Master of Earth, takes the form of an old man. He does this by choice, as none of the Sacred Beasts are bound by time; perhaps because of that, the other five look up to him as Elder. He is very serious, and closely watches the history of the world in all its detail, remembering every last event.

  • Shaorune, the Master of Water, is the youngest-seeming of all the Beasts, and has a keen interest in humans. While he often acts like a child around Veik and company, he has powers far greater than any can imagine.

A number of towns have also been revealed:

  • The streets of Balka, the capital of the Kingdom of Kalegia, are filled with motorized cars, reflecting the industrial age which the kingdom has entered. You can also find museums and stations there.
  • Veik and Clare grew up in Thulz, a village in the far north known for its harsh winters and beautiful scenery.
  • Betna-Janka is called "The Chimney Town," with chimneys and smokestacks everywhere you look.
  • Anikamal is an oasis town.
  • Sunny Town is a city surrounded by water.
  • Babilo Grande is set on a mountaintop.
  • Minal is a seaside town.

Tales of Rebirth is scheduled for release in Japan on December 16. There is no word as of yet on a North American release.

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Tales of Rebirth
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