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More Radiata Stories Characters Emerge


Radiata  Stories

Over the past couple of weeks, three more character profiles have been added to the official site of the upcoming tri-Ace RPG, Radiata Stories. Two knights and an artisan join Jack, Ridley, Gantz and Airdale on the site.

Natsume Nagi, known as the "Violet Leopard," is one of the elite knights of the Radiata kingdom. She is extremely strong-willed and charismatic, easily standing toe-to-toe with her male counterparts and well above average in leadership, swordsmanship and battle prowess. But under the face of the knight, Natsume has another, very womanly side.

Lenard Ford is the Dorm Master of the newbie barracks. Though only 21, he looks much older on first glance. Despite his gruff demeanor, he takes good care of the new recruits, and knows a lot about daily life at the castle. He's a good "older brother" figure for Jack.

Genius Weisheit is an artisan living on the outskirts of Radiata. The second son of the Weisheit family, Genius shattered records by entering the Vales Magic Academy at the tender age of 7. Genius is very hard working and intelligent, but takes no time in pointing out other people's mistakes.

Radiata Stories is scheduled for release in Japan on January 27, 2005, with a retail price of 7,800 yen (a little under $74 US). There is no word as of yet on a North American release.

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