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Information concerning Namco's upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG Tales of Rebirth continues to steadily become available. The latest update describes a system new to the Tales series, known as the "Enhance" system.

At the end of a battle, players will receive "Enhance Points", or "EP". After accumulating enough EP, they can be used to enhance weapons through unlocking latent abilities, such as protection from various status effects, which are triggered during battle at a set probability. The EP required for each upgrade increases as the weapon is further enhanced. Each weapon can only be upgraded a certain number of times, but these abilities are transferrable to other weapons.

Further information about the most recently-announced characters has also been revealed. Ladras Lindblum, King of Karegia, mysteriously weakens and dies at the age of 60. This wreaking havok upon the kingdom. The King's intention was to leave the lineage with his daughter, Agahte, his last surviving blood relative, but had never officially declared it so. Confusing the situation, however, is a friend and advisor of Agahte's, Zilva Madigan, who is known unofficially as "princess" through her closeness to the royal family. As this results in general dischord as to the successor to the King, Milhaust Selkirk, already the highest-ranking officer in the Karegian armed forces at the young age of 28, is busy determining who the new Queen will be.

As Namco recently revealed, the game is set for a December 16th release in Japan. A release outside of Japan has not yet been announced.

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