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V-Jump Reveals Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Secrets


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

New Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories information has emerged from the pages of V-Jump magazine. One feature introduced the members of the mysterious black-robed group called the Unknowns. As shown in this magazine scan, from left to right they are Axel, Zexion, the leader Marlusha, Lakchine, Lexeus, and Vixen. Each one is affiliated with a certain elemental attribute. Axel attacks with fire, Vixen uses ice, and Lexeus controls earth. The elements of the other members have not yet been revealed.

In addition, V-Jump has reported that completing the game unlocks a special mode called "Reverse Rebirth." This mode allows players to play as Riku and experience his side of the story. It is not known whether special conditions must be met to unlock "Reverse Rebirth" or if merely completing the game will suffice.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories will be released in Japan on November 11. Specific North American and European release dates have not been announced.

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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
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