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Four Fighting Styles of Jade Empire


Jade Empire

It's been revealed that Bioware’s new martial arts based RPG, Jade Empire, has over 30 types of fighting styles. The fighting style of the character is determined by which magic school he or she belongs to. Each style has its own strong points and weak points which represents the school it comes from. There are two types of magic within these styles: spells, which use long-ranged attacks to damage enemies, and transformation, which transforms the character into a monster that was defeated previously.

Bioware has shared information about four of the various fighting styles from Jade Empire. The first style is Dire Flame, which, as its title suggests, uses various fire-type spells such as throwing fireballs and Summoning Dragon-type creatures to attack enemies. Another style is Tempest, which enables the user to use wind spells, one of which is a whirlwind attack. Ice Shard is another style, allowing the caster to use the powers of ice spells such as ice daggers and a icy blizzard spell. The last style revealed is known as Heavenly Wave; however, this style differs from the other three. Heavenly Wave uses status attacks rather then physical attacks, such as time-altering spells which slow down enemies.

Jade Empire will have over thirty different fighting styles for players to try. The tentative release date for the title is March, 1st 2005.

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Jade Empire
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