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Blizzard Entertainment Wins Summary Judgment in BnetD Case


Blizzard Entertainment

In a press release issued by Blizzard Entertainment on October 6, they have announced their Summary Judgment victory in the BnetD case. The press release states that members of the BnetD project were found to have violated their End User Licence Agreements (EULA) and Battle.Net Terms of Use, as well as a portion of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) intended to prohibit the circumvention of anti-piracy technology. These judgments were made by a federal district court in St. Louis, Missouri.

This judgement upholds Blizzard's EULA and Terms of Use to be legally binding documents that are legally enforceable. Additionally, the judgement makes it illegal for anyone else to distribute BnetD or create unauthorized servers that emulate Blizzard Entertainment's servers for the purpose of playing legal or illegal copies of Blizzard games. President and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaime stated, "We consider this ruling to be a major victory against software piracy."

The BnetD project was created in 1998 as an emulator of’s functionality. Alternate servers were created so that people could play Blizzard’s games online without having a valid CD key, hence enabling people with pirated copies of the games to play online.

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