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New Advent Children Plot Details & Special Offer


The details concerning the story of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have been scarce thus far. However, new details have emerged regarding the plot for this upcoming CG DVD movie. The story will take place two years after the defeat of Sephiroth, where it is revealed that the Northern Crater has been showing abnormalties. This is discovered around the same time that a disease called "Planet Scar Syndrome" starts to take effect. The disease effects the entire planet, though no details were revealed as to what symptons the disease carries.

As was reported earlier, the story will revolve mainly around Cloud Strife, the hero from the original PlayStation game, Final Fantasy VII. In Advent Children, three men appear in front of Cloud, all carrying a strong resemblence to Sephiroth in some way.

As for the special offer, Square Enix has announced that they are taking applications from fans to join their newly created Shinra Company. Anyone who becomes a member will gain access to exclusive desktop wallpapers, and also will have the chance to recieve their own individual Shinra Member card.

More details regarding Advent Children or the Shinra Company offer will be posted as they are revealed. Advent Children will be available in Japan in summer 2004. Neither a North American nor European release has been announced, but fans from both continents look forward to one.

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