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New Sudeki Information


New details on the Xbox-bound action RPG, Sudeki, have been revealed. The biggest revelation is that of the main character, Tal, who is the son of a prestigeous general. Tal is ready to step out of the shadow of his father, and his first mission is to investigate the appearance of strange new creatures in the area. As one would expect, this leads to a much longer adventure.

While the player controls all of Tal's actions in battle, his team mates will be controlled by AI. However, the player can switch between characters in battle with the push of a button. The aforementioned team mates include a sorceress named Ailish, a gun-toting scientist called Elco, and a martial artist named Buki.

Another interesting element of combat is that when the player pushes the Start button in battle, it will not pause the game, but will slow down time instead. All the battles are in real-time, and all spells, attacks, and special abilities are all mapped to hotkeys, which means that no menus will be seen during the battles.

Sudeki is scheduled for a March 2004 release in North America. There have not been any announcements on compatability with Xbox Live, and the developer Climax says that it is unlikely.

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