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Nintendo Rocks Out in Sales, Mystery Revealed



Do you own a GameCube? Are you sure? Check your parent's closets, because Nintendo of America has made an announcement. In this recent Thanksgiving weekend alone, they have sold over one million hardware units. Those numbers are from the GameCube and GameBoy Advance combined. The company cites direct numbers from retailers that show the Nintendo GameCube sold over 500,000 units for the week of the Thanksgiving holiday; and that GameBoy Advance (and SP) sales were just under 600,000 units during the same week. Now here's the kicker, these are simply sales from America. According to George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, the price cut on Nintendo GameCubes caused sales to skyrocket. Apparently, that's been their plan all along, waiting to score big in the fourth quarter.

In other related news, Nintendo of Japan has made quite the interesting announcement. Is it bigger than a bread box or is just a sodding bread box? That is still unknown, but according to the German magazine, MCV, Nintendo's newest system is said to be portable. It will make its first apperance at the next E3. Nintendo's mystery machine is planned for worldwide release in 2004. That's all well and fine, but what is it? Time will soon tell.

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