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Square Enix Releases Midterm Sales Results


Square Enix

Square Enix has released its sales results for the first half of the current fiscal year, April 2003 through September 2004. The company's net profit is 1.2 billion yen ($11 million), a 1.9 billion yen improvement ($17.4 million) from the same time last year. Games sales totaled 9.3 billion yen ($85 million).

Final Fantasy XI's launch lowered the net profit of the games division, and the company failed to release a largely successful title during the fiscal year's first half. Final Fantasy X-2 hit shelves slightly before the beginning of Japan's first half and slightly after its end in the United States, but the games division still achieved a net profit of 980 million yen.

The second half of the fiscal year will likely be more productive, due to the U.S. releases of Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy XI, and Japanese releases such as Dragon Quest V and Slime Morimori Dragon Quest. Square Enix still adjusted sales expectations downward for the year, due to the Square/Enix merger's unexpectedly high costs and Final Fantasy XII's delay.

Sales figures include (in approximate copies sold):


Final Fantasy XI All-In-One Pack: 290,000
Hanjuku Hero Vs. 3D: 180,000
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: 360,000
Sword of Mana: 280,000
Drakengard: 240,000
Kenshin Dragon Quest: 120,000
Back-Catalog Titles: 210,000

Total Sales: 1,670,000

United States

Final Fantasy Origins: 250,000
Unlimited SaGa: 100,000
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: 480,000
Back-Catalog Titles: 500,000

Total Sales: 1,330,000


Back-Catalog Titles: 480,000

Total Sales: 480,000

Asian Mainland

Back-Catalog Titles: 30,000

Total Sales: 30,000

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