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Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest V Remake for PlayStation 2


Square Enix

Square Enix made quite the announcement in this week's issue of V-Jump magazine: Dragon Quest V, originally a Super Famicom title, is being remade for the PlayStation 2 by Matrix Software. Large upgrades in the graphics and interface departments are expected, but preliminary word has it that it will not quite reach the bar Level-5 is setting with Dragon Quest VIII (import-savvy RPGamers may recall that an earlier remake of Dragon Quest IV used a slightly modified version of the engine from Dragon Quest VII).

This title is the second game in the long-running series' second trilogy, and features multiple generations of heroes in its quest against evil, as well as the ability to have monsters fight in your party. No mention of a North American release was made, but with added presence for the Dragon Quest series in North America as one of Square Enix's merger goals, there might be cause for hope.

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