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Baten Kaitos Cast Reaches Considerable Size


Baten Kaitos

Namco recently updated its official Baten Kaitos website with more character profiles and concept art. The site also includes new information concerning various locales in the game's massive, colorful world.

The website introduces visitors to a new playable character named Savyna. She is a strong, raven-haired hunter who rarely speaks and never laughs. The site also names three new non-playable characters. One of them is Corelli, a young priestess with the ability to predict the future. Another is Calbren, the leader of the hidden city of Mira, which can only be reached by walking a special path called the Way of the Spirits. Calbren has an angelic granddaughter named Mirodia who is also referred to as the Pure White Wing. She will play an essential role by helping the party fulfill its quest.

Other new locations include Nekton, which is a place where spirits dwell. It is here that Kalas, the main character, will meet the spirit that becomes his guide. Other notable locations are Balancoire, the home of the main character; Parnasse, a great place to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth as it is entirely composed of candy; and Reverence, a town that looks like the drawings in a child's storybook.

Baten Kaitos is currently scheduled to be released in Japan on December 5. A North American release date has not been announced.

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Baten Kaitos
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