Baten Kaitos Flashes Public

In recent days, Nintendo held a conference at which more details regarding Monolith Soft's Baten Kaitos emerged. It was announced that the game will boast a unique photography feature that enables players to take pictures of enemies and sell them to make some extra money. The camera's flash can not be used until the proper "Magnus Card" is located, so taking photos in dark areas will probably not be possible right away.

On the technical front, Monolith Soft has established that the game will show its audience 30 frames-per-second, and that Baten Kaitos will have optional support for Dolby Pro Logic sound systems. Also regarding the game's audio, it was made known that certain event scenarios will feature full voice acting.

Baten Kaitos will make its way into Japanese stores on December 5th, while no other localizations have been officially confirmed.

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by Heath Hindman    
Source: [Quiter]

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