Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Playable Characters Revealed

Sony recently updated its official website for Wild ARMs Alter Code: F, the PlayStation 2 remake of the first Wild ARMs title, with information concerning the three new playable characters. Accompanying Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia on their journey through Filgaia will be Emma, Jane, and Magdalen, also known as McDullen in the English version of Wild ARMs.

Players of the original Wild ARMs will recall that Emma is a brilliant scientist who researches and repairs ARMs, and her expertise with firearms proved to be helpful to the group. They should also recognize Jane Maxwell as the feisty, assertive, and greedy teenager nicknamed Calamity Jane, and Magdalen (McDullen) as her faithful and patient butler.

Wild ARMs Alter Code: F will arrive in Japanese stores on November 27. So far, a North American localization has not been announced.

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by Cortney Stone    

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