New GameCube PSO Quests Available

Not long ago, GameCube Phantasy Star Online: Episodes 1&2 players were given a pair of new quests to tackle.

"Labyrinthine Trial" is a VR quest that can only be 100% cleared by a party of four. The group's objective is to scour the planet Ragol and find 30 capsules. Afterwards, the principal gives the party a hunter's report and grades the performance. The grade of A will earn a much-coveted White Ring.

The second quest, called "Today's Rate," is all about simple extermination. The goals are to prevent the disclosure of secret research to the outside world, destroy a certain host computer, and clear out all of the many Ragol beasts that will surely get in the way. This quest also involves a cameo appearance by Dr. Montague, who some players may remember from the Dreamcast version.

Both of these quests are online-exclusive and require multiple gamers for their undertaking. Check back for updates on other new PSO missions in the future.

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by Heath Hindman    
Source: [PSO World]

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