War, Plus Sim City, Makes Thousand Land

It seems developers are taking full advantage of the internet connectability of the current console generation, which is further augmented by the announcement of Thousand Land. Thousand Land, a tactical RPG with a sort of Sim City twist, allows players to create their own battlefields, scattering strongholds, outposts, or weaponry throughout the landscape.

The game boasts realistic, complex gameplay, but intermixes cartoonish characters, such as little orange blobs with aviator goggles. Such characters will be at the beck and call of the player in hundreds of tactical missions, ranging from the ridiculously easy to the insanely difficult. Along with single player missions comes the multiplayer offline and multiplayer online play, assuring an astounding replay value. Thousand Land will be released to Japanese gamers January 16, 2003, but North American gamers lack a release date as of yet.

by Kathleen Bevilacqua    
Sources: [XenGamers]
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