Dark Cloud Soundtrack Details Announced
Dark Cloud

Most RPGamers have experienced the wonderful soundtracks that score their favorite games, and realize how much of an effect the music of a game can have on the emotions the player feels. One of the ways to recreate this effect is to listen to the soundtrack of a favorite game. SCEI has recently announced their plans to release a soundtrack for their upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG, Dark Cloud. The soundtrack will contain forty-six tracks, which are listed here, though most of the track names are in Japanese.

Dark Cloud is well known through preview screenshots with phenomenal graphic detail. The game will allow a player to create worlds and navigate them online with other players. The soundtrack will ship in Japan on 1/11/2001 and will have a price of 2345 yen. The soundtrack might not make it overseas, but it could prove to be a worthy import for fans of the game.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [IGN]
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