Dragon Warrior Merchandise Survey

After receiving many requests for some form of Dragon Warrior merchandise, Enix has decided to go straight to its fans to determine which products they would most like to see. With ideas ranging "from stuffed plush Slimes to Dragon Warrior pencil sets," Enix has many options as to where they could go in merchandising their popular RPG series.

DW Slime
Is the plush slime your pick?

DW Keychain
Or perhaps the Loto Sword Pendant?

Enix is conducting a brief survey to help them decide what merchandise, if any, will be made available through Fans should visit the survey page, where they can cast their vote for the merchandise item they would most like Enix to make available in North America. While Enix encourages fans to spread the news of the survey, they ask that each person only vote once, so as to maintain an accurate vote count.

Among the product choices are Dragon Warrior figurines and trading cards, a metal sword pendant, as well as the aforementioned pencil set and various plush slimes. As well, there is a place to write in other ideas, and an option to vote against the merchandising idea altogether. Naturally, there are no guarantees as to which items will be brought over, but the more votes an item gets, the higher the chances. So go vote!

by Matthew Wanlin
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