Arcatera Runs Aground

In a surprising move, Ubi Soft, the publishers of the recently released Grandia II, announced that Arcatera: The Dark Brotherhood, a PC RPG being developed in Europe, would not be making the move overseas. This news comes rather suddenly, since Westka Entertainment, the software group responsible for the title, have had the game's concept and story under development for over twelve years. Nonetheless, all this work has not prevented Arcatera from being withdrawn, unfortunate news for a market in need of some decent PC RPGs.

Ubi Soft, for their part, were fairly reticent in regards to the withdrawl. When reached for comment, they would only confirm that the title had indeed been cancelled. Arcatera: The Dark Brotherhood will still be released in Europe, although no date has yet been announced.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [FGN Online]
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