New Namco Strategic RPG Announced

Namco is expanding their RPG base once again with the recent announcement of a new strategic RPG entitled Volfoss. Taking on the gameplay style of games like Front Mission 3 and Vandal Hearts, you will follow the adventures of Shalvas, the commander of a group of mercenaries. This group will conquer newly discovered worlds and solve the mysteries these worlds hold, while defeating rival mercenary groups and stealing their customers. With the additional cash, Shalvas can puchase more soldiers and form a more powerful group.

Volfoss features over 200 missions and 100 stages. This game also features a "multi-story" system, allowing the story to change based on the player's choices in the game. Volfoss is expected to arrive in Japan on February 22, 2001, at an estimated price of 5800 yen. A North American release is not currently planned.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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