Hironobu Sakaguchi Honored by MMCA

Hironobu Sakaguchi, Producer of Square's famous Final Fantasy series, was recently honored by the Multimedia Contents Association of Japan (MMCA) with the Multimedia Grand Prix MMCA Chairman Award for his work in creating the games. Final Fantasy has gained the respect of fans around the world, possibly making it the most famous of all RPG series. No small amount of the this appeal is derived through consistently stunning graphics and gorgeous soundtracks.

The MMCA has been dealing with highly sophisticated multimedia content over the past fourteen years, with the intent to promote the overall development of the multimedia industry. The "Chairman Award" is the highest award they present, and the highest honor a creator or producer can receive. The award distinguishes the individual for exceptional work in the multimedia business. Although Sakaguchi is currently in the midst of working on Final Fantasy XI, he commented, "I'm very happy to receive the MMCA Chairman Award. There is no end to the evolution of games and entertainment. I plan to continue the challenge of producing entertainment that is at the forefront of its time."

by Matthew Wanlin
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