Composer Announced for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Square's first foray into feature-length cinematics, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, now has a confirmed composer. Rather than adding to Nobuo Uematsu's already-heavy workload, the bid has fallen to veteran film scorer Elliot Goldenthal. Goldenthal's film credits include Batman Forever, Interview with the Vampire, Sphere, and Time to a Kill, plus several others.

While Final Fantasy purists may be disappointed to discover the absence of of Uematsu's music, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is an adventure in experimentation. Square is banking heavily on the movie's success, with well over $100 million invested in its production. The film is slated to release this summer, and further information can be found in RPGamer's ongoing coverage.

by Bill Johnson    
Sources: [Film Score Monthly, GIA]
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