Free Skies of Arcadia Additions

Thanks to Sega's generosity, RPGamers who think there's nothing left to the smash hit Skies of Arcadia can think again. Sega is in the middle of releasing a series of three free downloadable add-ons. Two are available now, and the third will be made available December 12.

The first gives players access to Hamachou Island, in the Dark Rift area. Residing on the island is the Hamachou Hermit, who will inform you of various game trivia--number of battles won, number of treasures found, fishing skill, etc. The second file grants a battle between the Giant Looper, an extremely challenging boss who will yield a special item when beaten.

Sega has stayed tight-lipped about the contents of the third download, but Skies of Arcadia owners can log on with their Dreamcasts next Tuesday and find out.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [IGNDC]
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