Suikogaiden Vol. 2 Coming to Japan

The second chapter in Konami's spinoff RPG series, Suikogaiden, is in development at Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo and is now scheduled for release in Japan in Spring 2001. Genso Suikogaiden Vol. 2: The Battle at Crystal Valley for Sony PlayStation follows its predecessor's psuedo-interactive style of gameplay, in which text and pictures scroll by on the screen, illustrating the game's storyline. At key points, the player will be allowed to choose a path or an action. Also like the first adventure, Suikogaiden Vol. 2 focuses on the adventures of the character Nash, with at least 108 characters from Suikoden II making cameo appearances throughout the adventure.

Given the relatively short period between this and the release of Suikogaiden Vol. 1, it is difficult to predict whether or not either title will be brought to North America. RPGamer will keep you updated as more information is received.

by Jimmy Avistetto    
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