First Details on SD Gundam Hero

Bandai has revealed further information regarding their upcoming SD Gundam Hero, scheduled for release on the WonderSwan Color in Japan early next year. Based on the Gundam anime series, this RPG is actually comprised of two games which will act as separate chapters of a larger story. While both games take place in the same world, each will tell a tale of different characters and adventures.

In the first chapter, which has been renamed to SD Gundam Hero: Chapter of Knight, players will take on the role of a knight who desires to become a hero, but is chosen by the king to become a Gundam pilot. Thus, his story revolves around his struggle with this decision. The second chapter, entitled SD Gundam Hero: Chapter of Warrior, focuses on another character: a powerful Gundam pilot who bears the duty of protecting his kingdom. Yet, because of the burden which comes with such responsibility, he has closed up his heart, and is unable to make friends with others.

It is not currently known exactly how the stories will intertwine, but the potential for crossover is clear between the two storylines. As well, reports have not been clear as to whether the two chapters of the game will ship together or individually. Bandai has announced that it will be possible to exchange data and characters between the two games, and also that SD Gundam Hero will be compatible with the WonderWave. This innovative adapter will allow players to exchange data from the WonderSwan version of SD Gundam Hero with the PlayStation version of the game via Sony's PocketStation, allowing for even further expansion.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [MagicBox]
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