New Final Fantasy Soundtrack IX Album

A supplementary version of the previously released Final Fantasy IX soundtrack is scheduled for availability on December 6th in Japan. Entitled Original Final Fantasy IX Sound Track Plus, this new album will feature thirty background music tracks from the FMV cinema portions of Square's hit PlayStation RPG that were not included on the original soundtrack. The CD will also contain some alternate music tracks and songs which did not made it into the game, such as a special unreleased version of the ending theme song, "Melodies of Life."

This soundtrack acts a complement to the Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack, which is currently available in North America. Original Final Fantasy IX Sound Track Plus goes on sale tomorrow in Japan and will retail for 1,942 yen (about $17.50). Fans of the game's musical score will certainly want to pick this one up to complete their collection and enjoy the complete Final Fantasy IX musical experience. RPGamer will let you know if this album follows the current trend of North American availability.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Famitsu]
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