PS2 Getting Extra Capabilities

It looks like Sony will be expanding the PlayStation 2's multimedia capabilities to include two current marvels of modern computing: web-surfing and MP3 playback. Ergo, a subsidiary entirely beneath Koei's wing, will be the developer, in tandem with Planetweb. At a press conference, Ergo head announced that both will by available by the end of the 2000 fiscal year, and projected 100,000 sales of each.

An updated in-progress version of the browser was demonstrated at the press conference, with several accessibility features in evidence. Area magnification, trimmed-down popup menus, and the ability to scroll to move the screen without onscreen scrollbars all contribute to the browser. The software will be controlled via the PS2 controller. Little was made known about the MP3 player, but you can expect to hear more as fiscal 2000 progresses.

by Bill Johnson    
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