Europe Gets Harvested
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Some countries are more deprived than others when it comes to the release of top RPGs. Natsume and Ubi Soft, however, have recently tried to help the situation by signing a three-year deal to allow Ubi Soft to deliver Natsume's Harvest Moon: Back To Nature to many areas in Europe and other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Hiro Maekawa, the president and CEO of Natsume, expressed interest in expanding this deal to include other games for next-generation systems, but nothing concrete has been finalized yet.

Harvest Moon: Back To Nature is the PlayStation continuation of the highly addictive farming simulation known as Harvest Moon. In this series, you play a farmer who must make his farm profitable in a set amount of time for reasons that change from game to game. No European release date has been set for Harvest Moon: Back To Nature, but European fans of the series should remember that it is coming.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Daily Radar]
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