Update on Sony's Beelzebub and I
PlayStation 2

New information has surfaced about Sony's upcoming PlayStation 2 adventure/RPG, Beelzebub and I. Taking place in a fantasy setting, this game follows the adventures of an unhappy boy whose shadow has been taken over by evil. The player will be able to switch control from the hero to the shadow and back throught the game.

The twist to Beelzebub and I is that the hero must cooperate with this Beelzebub in order to complete the game, for each has special abilities that will be necessary to solve certain puzzles. For example, the shadow can fit through narrow spaces, but if a physical entity is necessary to solve another puzzle, he must give control back to the boy.

Beelzebub and I is scheduled for a Winter 2000 release in Japan, but no pricing information is available yet. A North American release is not currently planned.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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