Lunatic Dawn Tempest to be Released for PS2

The RPG base of Sony's PlayStation 2 seems to be continually growing as another RPG has been announced for the system. Lunatic Dawn Tempest, the newest game in the Lunatic Dawn series, is scheduled to come to the PlayStation 2 early next year. The game will be published by Art Dink and will arrive on a single DVD-ROM.

The Lunatic Dawn series had an interesting premise -- the player would start out in a random area and would have complete control over how the quest played itself out from that point. However, no details or images from Lunatic Dawn Tempest have surfaced yet. Lunatic Dawn Tempest should be available in Japan in February 2001 and the expected price is 6800 yen. No information on a North American release has been discovered yet.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [IGN]
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