Shin Megami-Tensei Devil Children: Red Book Released in Japan

US Weekly Famitsu gave North American gamers another look at the newly released Shin Megami-Tensei Devil Children: Red Book in its December 1st issue. The game, which was released November 17th in Japan, has a Pokemon-style counterpart, Black Book. Furthering this similarity to Pokemon, players are also able to exchange devil characters from Black Book to Red Book through use of the Game Boy's link cable.

In Shin Megami-Tensei Devil Children: Red Book, to find out who his father is, a 'devil child', that is, a half-human, half devil being, gathers some of his friends and journeys to the underworld. Predictably, a number of fiendish creatures are wandering about, either ready to do battle or join in the quest, Pokemon style. Devils can be collected, a la Pokemon, and in order to collect them all, both Books are required.

Whether this game will see North American release remains to be seen, but given its similarity to the vastly popular Pokemon, the possibility does exist.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [US Weekly Famitsu]
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