Enix Releases Torneko: The Last Hope

Hot on the heels of the North American release of Dragon Warrior I&II for the Game Boy Color and the record-shattering Japanese release of Dragon Warrior VII for PlayStation comes Enix's Dragon Warrior spinoff, Torneko: The Last Hope, which was shipped to stores on November 16, 2000. In this game set in the Dragon Warrior world, players will take control of Torneko (formerly known to North American players as Taloon), a food-loving merchant previously seen in Dragon Warrior IV. This light-hearted game includes randomly generated dungeons and hundreds of items, magic spells, and characters designed by Akira Toriyama, the artwork designer for the rest of the Dragon Warrior series. The familiar look of the characters, the claymation full-motion video scenes and prerendered backgrounds, and the simple, light-hearted gameplay make this game well worth checking out for fans of the series.

To promote Torneko: The Last Hope, a "diary" has been created by Enix, which displays artwork never before seen in North America, Torneko's "magic bread recipe," and creatively presents information about the game. For more information about Torneko: The Last Hope, check out RPGamer's preview. Torneko: The Last Hope should now be available in stores across North America.

by Justin Weiss    
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